Trovemat T1 PRO (cash-in)
Trovemat T1 PRO (cash-in)
Trovemat T1 PRO (cash-in)
Trovemat T1 PRO (cash-in)
Trovemat T1 PRO (cash-in)

Trovemat T1 PRO (cash-in)

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One-way (sell only) ➡️ Bitcoin ATM or Crypto ATM. Easy to install, easy to operate.

Professional Banking-Level Equipment


  • Best in class Swiss-made cash validator
  • Vandal-proof All-Metal Housing
  • Certified Cash Vault with separate key
  • Vandal-proof and Dust-proof Touchscreen Glass
  • Receipt Printer with Cutter
Screen 17” 1280 x 1024 with Touch Screen
QR Scanner Live-view QR Scanner
Cash Validator 1200 notes max capacity
Communication 4G Modem + Ethernet
Receipt Printer High Speed Thermal Printer
Dimensions Height 68” (172cm), Width 22” (54cm), Depth 23” (58cm)
Weight 653 lbs (296 kg)
Operating Temperature 32-150 F (0-60 C)
Mounting Scheme Floor
Power 220 V, 500W no UPS installed
Cash Vault Bank Level 1 Certified
Additional Features
  • Sound System with Speakers
  • Ventilation System
Optional Features
  • Card Reader
  • Encrypted Pinpad