Quick Launch

Quick Launch Guide

Trovemat configuration and installation (mounting) requires up to 4 hours. In 99% cases it work out-of-the-box. However you may experience some problems launching it if you have very unstable internet connection or some sort of blocking firewall.


  1. Active unlimited 4G mobile internet connection SIM card (regular size) or unmetered Ethernet/WiFi
  2. Account with balance and enabled API Key on any of supported exchanges with ability to withdraw (needed to send a user purchased crypto) and trade (needed to convert from funding source to a user purchased crypto). Note: in most cases you need to be a verified user of exchange.
  3. A place for Trovemat installation of 1sqm size, able to accommodate Trovemat's weight (85 kg at minimum) with power outlet 110V or 220V.
  4. Installed TOX client (Antox for Android, Antidote for iOS, qTox for desktop/laptop)
  5. A passion for cryptocurrencies (its a joke, you may be quite practical about it)

Step by step guide

  1. Unpack it.
  2. Inspect it for any kind of damage that may occur during shipping. 
    Please contact our support if you've found some damage
  3. Plug it in power outlet.
  4. Open the main door with supplied key.
  5. Connect USB keyboard to any available USB port.
  6. Install SIM card into installed USB modem or plug ethernet cable in
  7. Press POWER ON button located inside (its color is red) and wait until Trovemat boots.
  8. While it boots have your TOX messenger address ready in QR code format (printed on a paper or shown on a smart phone screen).
  9. Press F1, then quickly press F2 on the keyboard and you will enter configuration mode.
  10. Trovemat will scan your TOX address using web camera, by doing this you are now in full control over Trovemat using TOX and you are the only admin user registered on Trovemat.
  11. Check your TOX client, Trovemat has added you in friend list. Are you ready now for some profitable mercantile friendship? :)
  12. In your TOX client start chatting with your new Trovemat friend by starting with help command. Trovemat will answer you with all available commands.
  13. By default Trovemat is configured to work with Poloniex. To change active exchange you can tell Trovemat to use predefined template by issuing command: 
    use exchange "<name>"
    Where <name> should be mnemonic name of the exchange: poloniex, bitfinex, bittrex, exmo, cryptopia or jetcrypto. Quotes in the command are mandatory.
    Please note, that default templates always consider withdrawals without automatic conversion, i.e. if a user purchased BTC then it will be withdrawn from BTC balance of the active exchange. To avoid rate fluctuation risk of cryptocurrency we recommend to configure automatic conversion from USDT, in other words to use USDT as a funding source.
    For more info, please see Owner Manual.
  14. Now you need to configure API Keys for active exchange. To do that you need to tell Trovemat the following commands: settings set "config.payments.common_params.<name>_public_key" "<public_key>"
    Where <name> is a mnemonic name of the active exchange. And <public_key> is Exchange API Public Key, which is usually can be found in API section of exchange account webpage.  Please note quotes in the command - they are mandatory.
    For example if you have changed Trovemat's active exchange to Bittrex, the actual command would be:
    settings set "config.payments.common_params.bittrex_public_key" "00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000"
  15. It's time to tell Trovemat secret part of the exchange API Key. To do that you need to tell Trovemat: settings set -secure "crypto.<name>_secret_key" "<secret_key>"
    Where name a mnemonic name of the active exchange. And <secret_key> is an Exchange API Secret Key, which is usually can be found in API section of exchange account webpage. Please note quotes in the command - they are mandatory.
  16. Configuration is complete.