General Information about Bitcoin ATMs

More than 3,500 Bitcoin ATMs (Crypto ATMs) installed worldwide.

Although not as common as fiat ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs remain popular means for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Therefore, despite the fall in Bitcoin prices this year (2018), the number of Bitcoins and Crypto ATMs is already more than 3,500, and this amount is increasing every month. The latest data from Coinatmradar, the leading platform that tracks the location of Bitcoin ATMs.

Of course, the main advantage of Crypto ATM is the ability to quickly and easily buy cryptocurrency for cash or exchange crypto-coins for fiat money.

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Nevertheless, you need to be prepared for the fact that often in cryptocurrency ATMs the price of exchange is higher than an online transaction, usually the commission varies from 5 to 15%, and the rate of cryptocurrency varies in different Crypto ATMs, as in general and in cryptocurrency exchanges.

The very process of exchanging fiat cash for cryptocurrencies and vice versa may vary depending on the type of crypto ATM, but approximately this happens as follows: 1. Verification (not in all crypto ATM, depending on the amount of the transaction),
2. Introduction of the wallet address,
3. Depositing cash into a bill acceptor;
4. Confirmation of the transaction and receipt of cryptocurrency at your address.