Marketing your Bitcoin ATM

After those installation and configuration efforts you really want your Bitcoin ATM start making money.

Marketing Bitcoin ATM may be as simple as placing it in a visible area, as well as it may be pretty hard so that even powerful ad campaign won't bring enough customers.

We are going to list basic considerations about recommended marketing steps you could do:

  1. Use banners and stickers to promote your ATM. Try to reach your ATM from outside and pay attention to places suitable for putting stickers or banners on it. Walk-in people should start noticing it.
  2. Place your ATM on and and 
  3. Create you Facebook page and promote it on Facebook. Promoting your Bitcoin ATM page may be tricky these days as Facebook require integrity check for all cryptocurrency related ads. Please keep your page updated as Facebook hides inactive pages.
    Check more info here:
  4. Add your Bitcoin ATM on Google Maps. This will allow people to find it using Google navigation map. Please pay attention to providing working hours as it is very convenient for customers to see operating hours for your ATM. More info can be found here:

Our general statistics shows that it should take 2-3 months before your Bitcoin ATM will attract considerable amount of customers. Keep your Bitcoin ATM always up and running during operation hours otherwise people may leave negative feedback on websites and social networks that may distract customers from using your machine.

Please be careful about setting up high fees from very beginning. Try to start with fees below average. We can't say low fees are the most important thing for customers, but lower fees are always a good reason for come back.

Don't try to play with rates and fees at the same time, either configure your ATM to show fair rate with your fees indicated on the confirmation screen (see Trovemat manual how to do that) or set zero fees for adjusted (increased) rate. We see that charging a fee for Bitcoin purchase for already increased rate distracts customers.

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