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The most advanced crypto ATM on the market

Trovemat is a wonderful business opportunity for those, who want to start a crypto-business. Working like a simple vending machine, Trovemat is very sophisticated piece of banking equipment, hardened to meet banking-grade security levels. It is very flexible to meet todays business requirements.

Notable features are:

1. Provides protection from rate fluctuations of crypto (source of funding may be fiat).

2. Provides protection from rate fluctuations fo fiat (using online rates for fiat-to-USD).

3. Multi crypto-fiat pairs can be configured on the same machine.

4. AML-compliant using KYC.

5. Fake notes protection (best in the class bill validator) with online firmware updates.

6. Have alerts of low balance

7. Secure and open source operating system. Hardened version of Linux.

Trovemat software supports hundreds of crypto coins and tokens.

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Use case: Buy Ripple with cash - XRP Ripple ATM